About Big John's Rolloff

About Big John's Rolloff

Big John's Rolloff Service

Big John's Rolloff traces its roots in Joplin back to 1960 when it was founded and operated by Sid Davis' father-in-law. Taking over the roll-off container business, along with his son John, Sid has innovated and improved operation efficiency, relying on his background in construction and traffic control.

Meet Sid Davis

Sid Davis, the owner of Big John's Rolloff, has always said "Yes" when called upon for community service and duty. As a Marine veteran, Sid served with valor and distinction in Vietnam, where he played a pivotal role in clearing landmines near the borders of Thailand and Cambodia. His dedication and bravery were not only evident in his service but were crucial in helping to keep the notorious dictator Pol Pot at bay.

Sid's journey in the military saw him rise to the rank of Captain, a testament to his leadership skills, resilience, and commitment to the greater good. His experiences in the field have shaped his character, instilling in him values of discipline, integrity, and a deep sense of responsibility.

Upon transitioning to civilian life, Sid's commitment to service continued with a focus on civic duty. His dedication to leaving a lasting example for the next generation led him to establish Big John's Rolloff. The values instilled in him during his military service are reflected in the company's ethos - reliability, integrity, and a commitment to excellence.

Beyond his military and business endeavors, Sid holds a deep personal connection to civic life in Joplin, MO. A touching tribute to his commitment stands in Mercy Park, where a statue of his beloved wife serves as a symbol of enduring love and the importance of leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

Sid Davis's commitment to the Joplin community has translated into service in times of need. In the aftermath of the devastating May 22, 2011, tornado that swept through the city, Sid played a pivotal role in the cleanup efforts, taking responsibility for a sixth of the city and innovating an efficient barcode system for marking debris.

Sid Davis brings his military discipline, leadership experience, and commitment to service to the heart of Big John's Rolloff. The company stands not just as a waste management solution but as a reflection of Sid's values, providing reliable, transparent, and efficient services to the Joplin community.

Sid takes great Joy in passing on his legacy of business ethics and service to his son John!

Meet "Big" John Davis

John Davis is continuing his father Sid Davis's lasting business legacy in the Joplin community with the same dedication to leadership and service. John looks to Sid's value of always saying "Yes" to community leadership and service as he takes an increasing role at the helm of Big John's Rolloff!


Big John's Rolloff is your source for dumpster rentals in Joplin, MO. Whether you're remodeling a house, re-roofing, or just doing general clean-up, we have the solution for you. Choose from multiple container sizes and rent for any term!